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Complete and submit the following files below:

  • Agreement Form

  • Enrollment Information

  • Exemption Form or
    Copy of Immunization Record


  • Copy of Birth Certificate

  • Copy of Proof of Residency
    (house bill)

Please submit completed forms to:

  • Fax: 888.315. 4660

Admissions Info
Why Choose Nova University?
  • NWU gives opportunities for high school students who are seeking scholarships and apprenticeship program to obtain work experience and easy job placement

  • NWU offers individuals who didn’t graduate high school and didn’t received their diploma to get their GED and AA Degree simultaneously. This also applies to students who are currently at risk of dropping out and want to pursue a high school diploma.

  • The university is a virtual and independent study

  • The classes are a small size with approximately 20 or fewer students per class, providing a personal and nurturing setting ofor learning

  • Highly trained and experienced faculty/ teachers

  • In progress with TRACS accreditation

Apprenticeship and Work Study

Nova Western University offers work study and apprenticeship for students to help them pay for school, earn experience and receive a certifcate after the program. An apprenticeship is a structure of learning while practicing occupational skills. By working under the guidance of skilled professional, apprentices get on-the-job training experience.

Below are some, but not limited to, certificates being offered:

  • Marketing and Public Relations

  • Human Resources

  • Accounting and Book-keeping 

  • Program Management

You have three financing options to pay for your training program.  Students can either pay the tuition directly,  apply for financing and pay the program monthly, or if eligible apply for tuition assistance through the workforce investment program.  

Please note that you must be eligible and meet the criteria to receive financial assistance through WIOA.  Please contact one of our enrollment counselors to see if you qualify and what steps must be taken in order to access financing through WIOA.  

All students are required to fully fund the program prior to beginning

Associate of Arts Degree Program

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Why Choose Nova University?
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